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My name is Ian Rotherham, a lifelong angler and user of traditional tackle, particularly split cane and centrepin reels. I have been coarse fishing since childhood. My aim was to produce a Barbel reel to replace my aged, worn Speedia.

Wensum Centrepin

Working closely with Master Reel Maker Garry Mills we produced the new Wensum centrepin, a tribute to the sought after vintage Speedia De Luxe. Limited Edition of 100 reels.

*NEW* We have also produced 25 only, Silver Wensum reels.

Quality Assured

Working with Mill Tackle Company has assured both the quality and longevity of all Maun Valley Centrepins

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For several years I had been discussing producing a tribute to the original Speedia De Luxe Centrepin Reel. These have become very sought after by Barbel Anglers in particular, having a wide drum with an adjustable check.

Because of this finding a good one with little wear has become very difficult.

Design Features

What features did we need?

Wide Drum, Adjustable Check, Adjustable Drag, High Quality Construction ensuring life long durability.

A reel stong enough and suitable for modern Barbel or Carp fishing.


High quality machined aluminium backplate and spool flanges.

Quality separate brass reel foot similar to an Allcock Aerial.

4 inch diameter, 1 inch wide drum.

14 line pillars 3/8" from rim (original 10 & 3/4")

Adjustable drag by thumb wheel.

Rounded spool release knob.

2 place adjustable check.

Rim Lever on/off check with comfortable knob.

Large bearing surface between pin and bush.